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PaintIndia 2024 | Prasad’s four decade journey in the Coatings Industry

Industries are comprised of a collection of companies that are closely related to a particular field of work to add value to and benefit the final customer. What we often forget is what these companies are comprised of? Its the people! The people that lead them, the people that manage them, and the people that operate them.

My journey in the Indian Paint Industry started in 1985 as the Director of Bombay Paints Limited (BPL). Following which, I have led Paladin Paints and now NadkarniSPC, dedicating nearly four decades to serving the polymers and coatings industry. Along the way, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some top-notch companies and thereby the wonderful people behind them. Be it Hempel during my time at BPL or Kusumoto Chemicals and PPG-Asian during Paladin, to name a few.

In November 2021, my team and I started a new venture – NadkarniSPC. All we had were the human connections that we had built over the years. We attended PaintIndia in 2022 as visitors, where we met with our previous collaborators who were pleased to see us back in business.


Two years later, as a rapidly growing family-owned business, we proudly hosted our first stall at PaintIndia 2024, and I must say, the response we received was phenomenal! This event was an official introduction of my son, Shikhin’s arrival in the business. He has been active in NadkarniSPC’s marketing activities while completing his PhD in the USA.

Shikhin had featured his grandfather’s (J. M. Nadkarni’s) photo as the backdrop for our stall at PaintIndia 2024. JMN’s impact on the Indian Paint Industry was clearly evident from the people who visited our stall just to catch a glimpse of his pleasing smile. Undoubtedly, my father’s stature in the Indian Paint Industry is unparalleled. After all, the man has served the industry for over 70 years, starting his extraordinary career in early 1950s at Asian Paints, where he introduced science in paints.


We thank PaintIndia for providing an exceptional platform that has greatly facilitated interactions and collaborations within the industry. The event proved to be deeply inspiring for everyone at NadkarniSPC. On one hand, it provided us with the opportunity to share fond memories and stories from the past with former colleagues, associates, and collaborators. On the other hand, we seized the opportunity to establish new connections, opening doors to explore various new avenues and potential business opportunities.


Glad to have revived old bonds and built new ones! Looking forward to further strengthening our connections and collaborations in the future.

Prasad Nadkarni

Prasad Nadkarni

Prasad is the Chief Executive Officer at Nadkarni Speciality Polymers and Coatings. His vision and direction are the secret to our rapid yet consistent growth.

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